Information Bureau

BASIC CRITERIA: Accreditation for a joint-venture is not limited. Gonzo and Science Journalists are both welcome.


  • Correspondent/Cameraperson: Five years’ experience as a working journalist.

  • Freelance: Fifteen years’ experience as a full time working journalist.

  • Foreign Journalist  (Correspondent/cameraperson) : Five years’ experience as a full time working journalist.

B.ORGANIZATION : Should be operational for at least one year( refer to guidelines for details)

Documents Required ( Journalist)

  • Correspondent/cameraperson: (At least five years of experience as a full time working journalist)

    • Copies of employment letter/contract with terms and conditions, post, salary etc from previous and present employers

    • Salary slips from present and previous employers

    • Byline clippings ( of articles and photos in case of newspapers covering various years of experience)

    • Relieving letter/Service certificate(from previous employers)

    • Recommendation letter of editor/ Head of editorial department in original .

    • Copies of certificates of educational and professional qualification.

    • Photo to be uploaded online.

  • Freeelance Journalist: (At least fifteen years’ experience as a full time working journalist)

    • Copies of employment letter with terms and conditions, post, salary etc from all employers.

    • Salary slips from all employers.

    • Relieving letters or service certificates from all employers.

    • CA certificate for income prescribed in guidelines, in original (after a year of freelance work), or valid proof of income from tie-up of freelance work

    • Byline clippings of articles/photos covering various years of experience

    • Copies of certificates of educational and professional qualification.

    • Proof of present freelance work ( News clippings, tie-up of freelance work etc).

    • Photo

  • Foreign Journalists (Correspondent/Cameraperson) : At least five years’ experience as a working journalist

    • Recommendation letter from Editor/Bureau Chief in original, also stating that applicant has minimum five years of experience of full time working journalist.

    • Photo to be uploaded on online form.

Documents (For validation of Organization)

  • Newspapers/ Periodicals

    • Registration certificate.

    • Circulation certificate showing the latest circulation of the Newspaper/ periodical.

    • Issues of the newspaper/periodical as under :-

      • Last six months’ issues ( In case of Daily Newspaper)

      • Last one year’s issues ( In case of Weekly/Fortnightly)

  • News Agency / Photo News Agency/ News Feature Agency

    • Latest list of subscribers.

    • Copies of agreement with the subscribers to supply news on regular basis.

    • Details of payments duly verified by Chartered Accountant for the annual revenue of the agency earned during the last one year.

    • Clippings of published news/ news-features/ news photos during the last one year bearing the credit line of the agency.

    • Memorandum of Association.

    • Electronic Media(TV/Radio Channel)

    • Balance-sheet to show annual revenue of last financial year.

    • Details of News & Current Affairs telecast in a day/Fixed Point Chart.

    • Memorandum of Association.

    • TV/Radio Production Organization/Agencies

      • Proof of annual income  as prescribed in guidelines

        • List of channels to which supplying news content.

        • Copies of agreement with subscribers for supplying news stories regularly

        • Memorandum of Association

        • Certification along with documentary proof regarding supply of news and news related content of prescribed duration to TV/Radio channels.

  • Web News Media

    • Balance Sheet to show revenue of the web news portal in the last financial year.

    • Domain Name Registration Certificate/ Domain name registration confirmation letter (Showing date till which the site name is registered) from the hosting company.

    • Relevant page view documents certified by the Head of the company and hosting company and also give the URL address to check the page view data online.

    • Statement by Editor and details of original news content.

    • List of news subscribers.

    • Proof of site updation at least six times a day.

  • IB can ask for any other document in physical form to verify the antecedents of applicant/organization.

Subbing Section (In italian)

Cerchiamo un collaboratore o una collaboratrice per svolgere l’attività di sub-editing a chiamata. Se il vostro forte sono la grammatica, lo spelling, lo stile, gli aspetti legali legati alla redazione di un articolo di cronaca e la redazione di titoli, inviate una mail per un colloquio.